The paradox of the rabbit hole of the awoken ones

It is time to address the elephant in the room.

So many of the so-called woke people, lightworkers and rainbow warriors are stuck in a rabbit hole.

It is a rabbit hole of fear and anger, depression and doubt, complot and doom. I see so many people around me being completely submerged in vacc1nes, underreported s1de effects, anti c0v1d measures, the r1sk of face m4sks, whistleblowing d0ctors, f4ke numb3rs reported by the ma1n str3am med1a, hum4n f3tuses, Kl4us Schw4b, Illum1n4t1, n3w w0rld 0rd3r and on top of that a complete dark corner of the internet full of new holes full of complot bunnies.

Are you really awake when you live in a mindset of fear? Are you truly free if your actions are only driven by opposition?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a fan of the changes the western world has shown since the Cov1d outbreak. I also believe it is essential to safeguard our values of love and connection, of respect and compassion and I believe many of the current fear- and control-based ways of dealing with reality are very bad for our spiritual and mental health.

The paradox is – people on both sides of the spectrum share the same behavior, the same experience of the same range of emotions, the same us versus them-thinking, the same exposure to mind-controlling and even paralyzing media and propaganda and the same (not only physical) separation from their loved ones. Countless families have been torn and bonds have been broken over the stupidity of rationalized fear and anger.

But, more importantly, from a metaphysical and magickal perspective, the woke ones opposing the measures are fueling the world they do not wish to come into existence. This is just plain dangerous and will have to stop. I won’t be able to do this by myself, so I need your help. Hear me out and read carefully, and if anything resonates with you, I hope you pass your newfound wisdom on to someone you love.

If you care about yourself, your surroundings and our collective future, there are three simple steps you should take. 1) Free your mind of fear- and control-based thinking, 2) Awaken your Inner God the Creator, 3) Shape your Future. It is as simple as that. I will explain this to you on a spiritual, metaphysical and magickal level.

Be a Unicorn

In the first warm days of 2020, right at the beginning of the first lockdown, I experienced a very invasive moment with law enforcers in the woods. The few people in the forest (it was a beautifully warm and sunny day) were happy to have a good break from the lockdown dread, when suddenly a van showed up and law enforcers with megaphones would enforce people to go home, to safety, while shouting at them from a distance how bad and irresponsible citizens they were. The situation felt very infringing to me and I turned 180 degrees and walked away in a complete shock of outrage and disbelief. It took me a while, but then I calmed down a bit, thanks to the trees that embraced me with their warmth and safety. As soon as I came to peace, my mind’s eye saw the image of a unicorn breaking himself free from the chains and the cage that was built around him.

The trees spoke to me:

“Anca, you are a free spirit, they can never get you down. Always remember you are a free spirit and you will be free.”

At this very moment, I have stepped out of the fear mindset and never returned to it again. It changed everything for the better; from my relationship with the V1rus and all the information to my own subjective experience of the measures and my relationships with my loved ones, independent of personal opinion.

The Road to Freedom of Mind:
I invite everyone who is stuck in the polarized debate, information overload, social anxiety related to Cov1d measures, and a panicking monkey mind that tries to prevent a dystopian future, to fully engage and work with the Unicorn as a spirit animal. Free the mind, free the spirit.

Free yourself of limiting false beliefs

The current energy is globally very stagnant and limiting, simply because many people have allowed their minds to be put in a cage full of limiting beliefs. I want to do this but I cannot because of Cov1d, I want to go to another part of the world but I cannot travel because of Cov1d, and I want to chase my dream but my life is on hold because of Cov1d are all examples of limiting and false beliefs that make your reality smaller and smaller.

The only reason that you are stuck, is because you are using your brain in a counterproductive way. The only real reason many people stay idle in a situation they don’t like, is because their monkey mind is in charge. It prefers a sense of control and the safety of the boring known above the thrill of the unchartered territories of your wildest imagination. Therefore it will load you with what ifs and can not’s if left unbridled. Our society values the rational use of the mind, and most people are convinced our decision-making is rational. But as long as you are not aware of the very primordial nature of the monkey mind you have put in charge, this is just another false belief and your decisions are actually the opposite of rational since they are mostly triggered by survival instincts like your sense of safety and scarcity.

The mind is not at all evil. It is the source of our intellect and inspiration, communication and fantasy. The mind is what makes us visionaries. The monkey mind is very useful in survival situations, but when the whole life feels like a threat, it is dangerous to put the monkey on the driver’s seat, because it limits the higher functions of the mind.

It is important to recognize the voice of your survival-driven monkey mind because this helps you to differentiate rational thought from false belief and move from survival-thinking to inspiration. I recommend practicing meditation to teach the monkey mind that even though his services are appreciated, he sometimes has to accept the back seat of the car.

Eventually, a better compass is the heart, which is the seat of the Soul and holds the secret of your true purpose. It requires courage and great control of the monkey mind to truly follow your heart and live the life you are meant to be living.

The Road to Freedom of False Beliefs:
Learn to differentiate the voice of your survival-driven ego through practicing meditation. Learn to use your mind in an expansive, creative way instead of a limiting way. Learn to follow your heart because it brings you closer to a life full of purpose.

Fully embrace your inner Creator-God

Remember we are created in the image of God. Personal beliefs aside, this means we are Creators. What our mind can see (air) and our hearts can desire (water), through pure forward-moving energy (fire), we can bring to life in the physical world (earth).

You have learned to become free in your mind and to differentiate your intellect and inspiration from the primordial control- and survival-driven ego. This opens the path to the creation of a new world and a new life. A way of living that does righteousness to your dreams and inner compass.

If you are a free spirit, you will understand that there is no such thing as a box. The potential of creation is limitless.

Now apply this principle to create your life’s master plan. In what kind of world do you want to live, how do you treat others, and what will you leave for your children?

This is also where you will need to cut out distractions and focus on your life’s work. This is what you live for. If you are creating the kind of life you dream of, you will find no place for fear, mind-controlling programming, anger or social distractions. This is a process to be lived in love!

Many of us are born or awakened to the sense that we are here on Earth in this time to make the paradigm shift happen. This is where you should wake up and really wake up and pay attention. If you are called, start creating. Train the f*cking monkey mind and go live your purpose. You have a different role to play than being stuck in survival mode.

Are you still stuck in a box? Start dreaming, start creating. Start building the world that you want to become.

Wanna use a bit of extra magic? Start treating your dreams and fantasies as visions. Do you see yourself on the back of a horse traveling through the mountains of a faraway country, see it as a glimpse of the future. As a possible outcome of the full deck of cards this life has to offer. Take a step in the right direction, and you will make this vision instantly more likely to come to reality. After this first step, it is “only” a matter of trusting the process and having the bravery to follow your heart (and visions).

The Road to Re-embodying the Creator:
Control the Monkey Mind. Cease ALL distractions. Focus on your dreams and visions, dare to take steps, support each other. Be the lead, embody the paradigm shift. Dream for society, dream for your children, and dream for humanity.

The metaphysical complot paradox

Back to the whole Cov1d thing. An interesting bit of quantum mechanics that supports Chaos Magick is the double-split experiment, that proved how both light and matter can be waves and particles, depending on being observed or not. The conclusion of this experiment is that you cannot know where light or matter is, it can be in all locations, until you observe it. Only the “now” is observed so can be considered with relative certainty, but the more in the future, the greater the variation in options.

If you then apply this to Magick, to observe the future, is to improve the certainty of it actually happening. This is also why Tarot cards work. They offer a glimpse into the future. For visions goes the same.

If a vision is a glimpse of the outcome, you now understand why it is a big problem when a collective worldwide group is thinking in doomsday visions 24/7 for the last 2 years. Every time you are consumed by the impact of a new measure, your Monkey Mind is back in the driver’s seat and your process starts over.

If this doesn’t wake you up, I’m not sure what would.

This is Evolution, baby, the new Aeon!

The Road to Applying Modern Physics:
Cease all counterproductive Visions. Dream of a New World. Help me reach all corners of the Earth with this request. Stop Dreaming Doomsday. Cease All Programming and Distractions. Think For Yourself. Question Authority. Support each other’s Visions. Let our Minds be an Army for a New World.

Be the example you want to be, fearless and uncompromising. Share the love with your loved ones. Invite another in a fearless embrace. Start being the creator that you are and take your visions seriously. Follow in each other’s Footsteps. Build the future of your dreams, for your kin and your children. Step away from mind-controlling and programming (social) media on both sides of the spectrum. It only feeds your control-driven ego and survival-driven monkey mind. Trust your heart; it knows everything you need. Be the Paradigm Shift. Embrace the Magick.

Be a Unicorn.

Love is the Law.

Follow your Visions.

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