Soothing Smokes for the Fall season

Every year, around the Fall Equinox, there is a precarious balance between light and dark, life and death, day and night. For a few days, we experience this stillness. Short after, the dark prevails. Nature all around us shows signs of decay. This was it for this year. It is time to part.

This shift of balance from outwardly oriented, expansive, growing, blooming and extravert to inwardly focused, contactive, nurturing and introvert can also be observed within ourselves. As within, so without.

For some people fall season brings something magical. It is time to dive deep within the inner realms. Time to find comfort with your loved ones. Time for sweet smelling spices and the heat of the hearth. I count myself in this category.

Others experience this time of year as a harsh and painful goodbye. They flourish when charged by the Sun and are tormented by the perspective of a period of introspection, cold and lack of light. Yet the cycle of transformation is inevitable and therefore could better be embraced.

The incense blend I have created for this process, is based on the sweet and soothing tones of benzoin resin, the healing properties of rosemary, the protection of angelica and the warmth and richness of the flowers of the basil. It is a soft, soothing and aromatic blend that holds your hand through any transformation life throws at you.

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