Holy Smokes; the warm embrace of my self-love incense

Sometimes, someone crosses your path and makes you go to extraordinary lengths to create something truly beautiful. This time, it was someone whose daily life requires tremendous self-sacrifice of both herself and her husband. After I had heard her story I went to work and have created an incense that invokes self-love like nothing I have ever created before.

The result is an incense that can be used when your daily life and interaction with other people are demanding, you lose yourself a little and you just need a hug and be told how loved you are. In the midst of the storm around you, these holy smokes bring the message that you are loved, you are worthy, and you are whole.

All my smokes are ceremonially crafted loose incenses, to be used with charcoal disks or a sieve burner. The recipe consists of resins and a combination of warming, rich and relaxing herbs and flowers like cinnamon, rose and lavender. The ingredients are partly hand-harvested by myself.

The incense holds you in a warm and tender embrace until your heart radiates with love, warmth and compassion.

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